Mortal Marathon Announcement Update

2008-03-16 14:33:48 by Cobra3000

A Long Awaited Update...

I{0mbat (yes, THE |{0mbat) Sent me an email asking me if it was ok for him to add Mortal Marathon onto Kombat Pavilon Animation Update (They might be more but still, YAY!) and offering to add Gamerstorm to Kombat Pavililon's affiliates (I think)
here's the email
"Hello Cobra,

This is ]{0MBAT from the Kombat Pavilion. Just had 2 questions for

1) Would you like to affiliate your website with mine? Mine is the
Kombat Pavilion at / if you would.
2) Is alright with you that I include your MK animation Mortal Marathon
on my next animation update? Full credit will be given to you, of course

Thanks a lot!

See ya,
I said yes to both
" wrote:
> yes to both
Fantastic! Here is my complete info:

Site - The Kombat Pavilion
URL - /
Button - /button.gif

I see you have your buttons on your site already, I will add them ASAP!
I've added your animation already.

Thanks a lot!


]{0MBAT - Correspondent

MK Online - The Ultimate Mortal Kombat Experience:"
And it's there, look /kombat_pavilion.html

Mortal Marathon Announcement Update


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